Alek Patton

Stephen Johnston

Tommy Medley

Zach Bowman

James Cosby

Nick Seemann


Xavier Carr

Adrian Green

Ryan Popynick

DQ Howard

"I love skateboarding because of all the friends you make that quickly become family. No matter what your race, sexual orientation or gender, you are accepted into this community that only cares about you having fun and that's why its such a beautiful thing." -Adrian Green

The Roaskate Skate Team is not just any skate team...we will focus on community service + getting kids excited about skateboarding and being a part of something bigger than ourselves. We not only want a new skatepark in Roanoke...we want more passionate skateboarders in the world. The Roaskate Team will also ultimately serve as the voice of what should be included in a new park to ensure a future park is for skaters, by skaters.   

Some team members provided instruction and guidance to campers for Camp Bethel's 1st annual Skate Camp in July 2017. 

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Congrats to our RoaSkate team for throwi

We're so proud of our guys for competing in various competitions around Virginia and always showing others that Roanoke skaters are positive, team players.