Wasena Skatepark was built and funded by the City of Roanoke and is located under Wasena Bridge. Unfortunately, the wooden ramps have become warped and damaged over the past decade. Additionally, the placements of the ramps were not properly designed for skateboarding, making them a challenge to skate for even the most advanced skaters. The poor condition of Wasena Skatepark has left skateboarders in Roanoke with no designated area to skate, forcing them to utilize the rest of the city as their skatepark.


We want to alleviate this problem by helping to raise funds and working with the City of Roanoke to construct a new concrete skate plaza. Skate plazas mimics urban street structures such as those in downtown Roanoke and offer a long term facility with little-to-no upkeep needed. It is important to us to plan such a facility close to pubilc transportatation or near the center of downtown or the Roanoke River Greenway, in order to keep the facility as easily accessible as possible.