our mission

" raise awareness on the importance of skateboarding as a form of recreational and cultural expression as well as to serve as the organizers, planners, and consultants for the eventual construction of a new skatepark in Roanoke."


We started the Roanoke Skatepark Initiative because we are skaters. We have kids who are skaters, friends who are skaters and believe in skate culture.  Skateparks not only provide a safe place for youth of all ages to pursue an athletic activity that they love, but they can also serve as community spaces, encouraging social and economic growth.


It is a proven fact that when youth are given the opportunity to engage in recreational activities, the occurrences of juvenile delinquency, crime and other behavioral problems drop dramatically. The City of Roanoke is a wonderful place to live, work and play and its citizens deserve a place to skate!

The Roanoke Skatepark Initiative is a non-profit/ 501(3)c organization.