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 Board of Directors





Keri is the founder, motivator and organizational guru behind Roaskate. A mother, feminist, social worker and punk rocker, she's in charge of public awareness, website, social media, event planning and fundraising. She enjoys having too much on her plate, both literally and figuratively. 


Melissa, Melissa, Melissa. What can we say about Melissa that would convey just how amazing she is? As our resident Roaskate cheerleader, her enthusiasm and willingness to give her time, spunky attitude and knowledge to the Initiative is unsurpassed.

A skater for over 20 years, musician,  mechanical wizard and badass father, Jason is in charge of cool things like planning the layout of a future park, answering technical questions and being a general skate ambassador for Roanoke.


If you don't already know Barry, you should. He's our go-to promo dude. His skills include...well, everything under the sun. He's a tattoo artist, family man, networking master, event planner and all around awesome guy. Look out for Barry repping Roaskate around town! 

In-it-to-win-it since day one, Rori has been a guiding light for us. She's our treasurer, analyzer and often serves as our formal presentation-giver. Rori is focused on making Roanoke a better place to live and helps keep us all inspired to do the same.


Will Sellari hails from the underworld of film making, art, and political strategy. Imagine a Super Nintendo game where you play as George Washington, but instead of an axe, you have a camera. And instead of chopping down cherry trees, you record improbable scenarios. And if you scream loud, long, and hard enough into the Void, you prove your own existence, win the game, and eventually get to be in Steely Dan. The name of that game would be William Sellari (The Journey Within).